Jan. 23rd, 2012

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I tried using the jojoba oil as the only moisturizer that I used this week and I have to say that I'm veeery pleased with it. The weather's been fairly dry here lately and my skin (especially on my legs) tends to get dry and itchy. Usually I have to apply lotion on my legs at least twice a day, but with the jojoba oil, I just apply it once and I'm set for the whole day! Very nice. However, I did notice that the jojoba oil on my body absorbed a lot quicker than it did when I applied it on my face and I'd have to suffer with having an oily face for an hour or so. I wouldn't mind it too much except it got on my glasses a lot and they had to be washed a few times.

I'm currently thinking that I'll get a small bottle and mix the jojoba oil with the witch hazel and see if that helps. I also received the my frankincense order so I'm wondering what would happen if I mix a couple drops of that as well. And I've been reading about shea butter lately (mostly for getting rid of some embarrassing stretch marks), but now I'm debating about just mixing it all together and seeing it forms some sort of super lotion that'll be anti-aging, moisturizing, organic and cruelty free. But that may be getting ahead of myself, I probably should just start small. xD

Anyway, I have a week to think about it since it's 'use up the commercial stuff' week. Luckily I don't have too much left, the only thing I have a lot of is the Kiehl's face cream and I've also started using it on my feet as well as my face, which horrified my aunt. xD
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Dear Fox News,

First of all, good for you that picking up that DC Comics did a bad bad thing. However, you completely missed what it exactly it did. Let me break it down for you in list form so that it'll be easy for you to understand.

List of Things that DC did Wrong
1. Made at least two major female characters become nothing but vacant sex dolls.
2. Made it so that most of the people writing and drawing the books are in one demographic.
3. Chopped up their superhero roster to only 52 heroes, most of whom are in one clear racial and gender demographic.
4. Didn't actually make a big enough change to try to attract new readers outside of their current demographic.

List of Things DC did Right
1. Introduced more LGBT characters in their main line up.
3. Follows a completely voluntary rating system to make it clear which age groups should be reading which comics.

List of Things Fox got WRONG
1. Completely missed the fact that the new 52 comics are rated T FOR TEEN and are not meant for CHILDREN.
2. Didn't report at ALL on what DC has available for comics for children: Young Justice the animated series comics, Batman: Braave and the Bold comics, Tiny Titans, etc.
3. Comics are not a 'family friendly genre', rather it's a medium of storytelling that has genres within it ranging from children, romance, foreign, horror, fantasy, science fiction, adult, etc.
4. Failed to include that LGBT adults are also part of the whole, "sex is an act between two consenting mature individuals who care deeply for one another."
5. Starfire is NOT Red Hood's girlfriend.

Now please do your research again and report properly on the facts, not what's going inside your crazy, Mrs. Lovejoy-esque mind. Perhaps then I will actually take you seriously as a source of information.



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