Feb. 4th, 2012

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The one to the right with the black and white cat is the same potion of jojoba oil, witch hazel and frankincense, while the on one the left has all of them and some cacao butter in it. The cacao butter does make the potion solidify but it also melts really easily, I take it into the shower with me and then apply it after my shower on my face and neck. It's REALLY moisturizing which is good because the skin on my face just eats up moisture after a shower. Also, the cacao butter is working at fading my stretch marks! I'm so glad, I've had them since puberty so it's a relief to see them disappearing.

The main difference between using this stuff and commercial lotion is that lotion does absorb a lot quicker. Plain jojoba oil takes time to absorb into the skin, although jojoba mixed with witch hazel absorbs pretty quickly too.

Yesterday, I ended up wearing make up to go to a party. Using jojoba oil as a make up remover is SO SO NIIIIICE! Much better than a traditional make up remover, it's so moisturizing and it did a really great job getting all of the eye make up off of my face. I also used witch hazel for the rest of my face, then used the Trader Joes cleanser just to make sure. I really like the Trader Joes cleanser, my face always feels nice and clean after using it, it's really refreshing. For some strange reason, I loooove washing the make up off of my face, it just feels so niiiice afterwards. XD

I'm looking into getting some eyeshadow primer, I've been avoiding it but then I found out that because of my monolids, my eye make up always ends up smearing. Apparently eyeshadow primer can help with that so I've been looking into some options, the most popular eyeshadow primer seems to be from Urban Decay, I'm looking at their Eden primer which is on sale, but it's an XL size! Do I really NEED that much?! I mean, I would probably use it every time I put on eye make up, but I can't imagine being able to go through it considering I only wear make up for special occasions. But I like the sound of this one because it doesn't have parabens in it, and apparently if I buy some $12 lip gloss (also with out parabens), it'll ship free? I don't really need more lip gloss though (I have too many in various stages of use)...

Another option is NYX eye shadow base, a friend told me that this one works better than the Urban Decay and it's cheaper too. It does have parabens in it, but I like NYX make up and have been using it for their stuff for awhile. Their make up is cruelty free, and it's featured on RuPaul's Drag Race! XD Meh, I'll think about it some more.

I think this will be the end of weekly updates from Hippie Jean for awhile, I've settled with the skin care products I'm using so I'm going to start looking for hair care products next. I do need to find something else for body wash, I'm currently using Bath and Body Works which I've been using for years but I think I'd like a change. I'm curious about some of the hair and body stuff that Mountain Rose Herbs makes so I'll probably order some from there and try it out once everything I'm using runs out. :)

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