Jun. 6th, 2012

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Warner/DC's probably kicking themselves that they had Joss Fucking Whedon RIGHT THERE IN THEIR HANDS for a Wonder Woman script and then they let him fly off to Disney/Marvel. And fly he did, alllll the way to the box office.

Anyway, all the news they've announced has just only made me sigh. As much as I would love for these projects to be good, I can't see HOW. None of the writers (or their resumes) excite me and make me think, "Oh hey, this could actually be something!" I am excited for the new Superman movie though, should be a fun one and Henry Cavill fills out the tights nicely. And while Christian Bale hasn't been announced to be playing Bats in the new JL movie, we basically do have the World's Finest and all we need now is Wondy to finish the Trinity. Mostly, I just want them to cast someone who's not some skinny, willowy chick. Diana is an immortal motherfucking Amazon who's been in combat training for thousands of year. She doesn't have to be buff but I would love to see her actually look like she can do some serious damage.

It'd also be nice if she wasn't the only woman on the team, and if the JL had some minority ethnicities in there as well. But wait a second there, this version actually exists and was successful!



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