Apr. 20th, 2012

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I'll do a product review first and then we can talk about the dilemma. XD

By now I've pretty much settled into what products I use and what I look to avoid. That said, there are the few occasions when I'm like, "Crap, I need this" or something; mostly products I'd like to use while I travel. I just got back from Chicago and I try to limit the amount of liquids as much as possible when I fly because I don't often check bags, and at the same time, try to find products I can use in different ways. Lotion, whether it be body, face, or hand, becomes just lotion.
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Okay... now onto the dilemma. I've been given some products by some family friends on my parents' recent trip to Korea:

The peach shaped container holds a lip balm from Tony Moly and the two bottles are Skin Food's Fresh Apple toner and emulsion. Now the lip balm... I couldn't help myself, the container was just so cute that I ripped it open and tried it... and the lip balm itself tastes like peach Hi-Chew candies... T_T

However, I haven't ripped open Skin Food's products yet, and according to Wikipedia, "The appealing factor of Skin Food is the use of natural food and produce in its original form as ingredients in their products. In addition, the use of natural ingredients also plays a significant role in their success today." Which is nice but I can't read their ingredients list to see what preservatives they use... and I can read in Korean but I don't the names of the chemicals I'm trying to avoid in Korean. My mother read it over for me but couldn't help me either.

So... what do I do with these?! I've been curious about Skin Food's products but after working so hard to get rid of chemicals, to have these bits of adorable temptation fall back into my lap is maddening! I also don't want to seem ungrateful to the people who gave this stuff to me because they don't know what I'm trying to do and my parents have no idea how to explain their strange hippie daughter to family friends... but they're in Korea and don't read my lj anyway. So yeah. If anyone wants them, let me know... I'm scared of mailing these though because they're made of glass. D:


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