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Wonder Con came and went like a whirlwind of crazy happy fun times, and that will be a different entry, probably either on my art lj or the art blog. This entry is going to be about CLOTHES! XD I noticed a lot of really cute women artists at the con this time around, a lot of them were decked out in really adorable outfits and they seemed comfortable at the same time. I've just always worn jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and a hoodie, which are great for moving around a booth or standing for long periods of time, but because at this con I did a signing and a panel, I went out after the con and even met with some important people, I felt I could've dressed a bit more nicely to make a better impression. So the jeans/t-shirt outfit is going to be more for set up and take down days and I can wear something nicer on the middle days. I'm going to swap out my sneakers for a pair of comfortable boots (these came recommended by someone at the con so I know they're going to be comfy) and see if I can track down some versatile pieces that'll be comfortable at the same time.

These pieces have to be:
1. Easy to move around in, not just walking but I have to be able to stand on chairs, crouch down (most of my merch storage is under the table), bend over, etc.
2. Stick a bit close to the body. Anything flowy or loose can get caught on stuff or stepped on, there's not a whole lot of space behind the table.
3. Travel well and not need much care. I don't have time to iron and I hate getting stuff dry cleaned XD Big plus if it can be folded into a tiny ball.
4. Be versatile, it needs to be able to be worn in different ways and maybe transition from day to night if I have a meeting or an outing.
5. Durable. It can't rip if I move a certain way.
6. Warm enough or easy to layer, there was a storm at Wonder Con and while I had a hoodie and a thin blazer, I was thinking that a vest or a scarf would've helped me more. XD
7. I need to be able to have at some pockets for phone and cash. It doesn't have to be on every piece but I need to be able to pair it with something with pockets.

This is sort of a good example of what I'm looking for. I'm not going to buy the piece though, I've figured out how to make it and I bet I can do it for a lot cheaper, but it's versatile, easy to layer with, and can be casual and a bit more dressy with only a few modifications (belt/safety pins). I also have two pairs of leggings that have skirts attached to them (one black and one gray) so those are good. I need to get maybe a flannel shirt that can double for a dress, and a jacket that's warmer than a hoodie but not as heavy as a wool jacket. If anyone has any suggestions for any of these or anything else, please let me know! :D
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