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Writing this all down before I forget. The villain was basically a sort of mad scientist version of Scarface from Batman who had made a giant robot to terrorize and kill the city, then he and his goons would loot the city for riches. So that no one could stop him, he kidnapped various hostages, including me, a famous actor that I had a crush on, and various engineers and scientists who built the robot, and handcuffed all of us to the robot. The robot had a sort of sitting area like the giant Cyberking in Doctor Who, it actually looked a lot like the Cyberking. Anyway, the robot began moving and I managed to slip out of my handcuffs, and got the scientists and engineers to tell me where was the off switch and how I could turn it off. Apparently there was a trick to turning it off and it required two people to do it safely, one person to pull the latch above a panel, and another person below the panel to push the button at the same time. Failure to do so would cause the robot to explode.

The rest of the dream involved me basically climbing around and trying to stay ON the robot as it moved. Various superheroes fought it, I think I saw Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. As I moved, I basically formulated a plan to take my skirt and rip it to a long strip so I could wrap it around the latch and be able to pull it at the same time I stretched under the panel to hit the button. Sadly I ended up waking up before reaching the panel... but I totally know how I would storyboard this! XD
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