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I don't really buy a lot of clothes, usually I go through quite a few years not buying anything new to wear at all until I either have an occasion to buy something for or if I really need a wardrobe update. This year, I really did need a wardrobe update and ended up buying quite a lot of pieces because my needs and tastes changed simultaneously. I started working conventions a whole lot more and realized that I probably should be dressed a bit more nicely at these places instead of my usual jeans, cartoon t-shirt and hoodie. I was networking a lot more and meeting more people that I now have a professional relationship with, and when I showed up to a nice but casual party wearing my panda hoodie... yeah even someone like who doesn't care that much about appearance was more than a little embarrassed.

I'm also trying to dress a bit nicer when I go to work related things. It's still really casual, but it's not as old jeans that I had since high school and t-shirty as it used to be. I'm trying to change it up a bit more, wear more skirts, try out tops in different shapes, and experiment with my hair a bit more. Lately, I've been really liking putting my hair up in various buns since it's been so hot and the best way to get hair off of my neck is to tie it up. I've also tried to do more side braids but my hair haaateees being braided and slips out all the time, much to my sadness.

So now I'm going through my closet and weeding through my clothing, gathering them up in bags to take over to the Goodwill or donate them to the high school tennis team to sell at their yearly garage sale. Some of these pieces, even though I've had them for years (I even found a skirt that I started wearing in middle school), are still in pretty nice condition. If I had more time to sew, I'd probably like to keep more of these and turn them into bags but I sadly do not. Anyway, I'm happy to have more closet space~
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