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I mentioned previously that I had been dieting which is why there have been so many 'diet food' recipes on this LJ lately, but I haven't mentioned anything else so I thought I'd write down what I'm doing because it seems to be working.

Currently, I'm trying to only eat 1230 calories a day and recording the food and the amounts with the MyFitnessPal app for iPhone. I'm also following the "80/20" rule where 80% of the time I eat healthy food and then 20% I eat whatever I want. Some people do this daily but I save up my 20% and have a cheat day on Saturday. It makes me look forward to the end of the week and I've been spending Saturdays hanging out with friends so it's just more enjoyable. :)

I've also stopped eating carbs for breakfast. It's not easy and I love eating rice and breads and stuff but it's working so far. I think this was the hardest for me to give up and once in awhile, I do fail, but eh. Once in awhile failing is okay. XD

Lately, I have been doing the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred while alternating it with her Yoga Meltdown dvd to help with my flexibility. I just finished Level 1 yesterday, I still can't do push ups very well (still doing knee push ups but at least I can do them), but I can do all the other advanced exercises without feeling like I'm going to die so I'm ready to move on. I also have to increase the weights from 2 lbs to 3lbs when I move on, then finally to 5lbs when I hit level 3.

What I like about the DVDs is that they are SHORT. I hate working out, I hate spending hours at a gym or running around a track, etc, so this is perfect for me. They are not easy though, I'm usually drenched in sweat and breathing hard by the end. You don't stop moving for the entire 30 minutes, you go from one exercise to the next and Jillian Michaels is relentless (and sometimes you just want to punch her) but it is working.

Here's the proof: I found a guide online that suggested I take measurements all over the thickest parts of my body and record them, then compare them to the end result. So far, I have lost 6.5" all over my body and 4.2lbs total! Not bad for Level 1! :D
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