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I think I'm close to getting what I want with the products I use and since it's been awhile I thought I'd post them.

Beauty Products
Top Row: Frizz Be Gone Serum by Giovanni, Trader Joes Cleanser, Trader Joes French Vanilla Liquid Soap, natural sea sponge from Sprouts, Eco Tools bath sponge

Bottom Row: Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner, Trader Joes Aloe Vera gel, witch hazel, Trader Joes vanilla and manga shaving cream, jojoba oil, Trader Joes Shea hand lotion

Yep, a lot of Trader Joes stuff, although there are a few things from Sprouts there. I really like all of these products except for the French Vanilla liquid soap which I've been using as a body wash, as well as the huge Eco Tools sponge. I'm having trouble working up a good lather and getting enough product on my skin so I think I'll go back to the Andalou Naturals body wash that I was using before once I use up this bottle.

I've pretty much stopped using jojoba oil as my main moisturizer and now use it as a make up remover, it works so much better for that. For moisturizing, I use the aloe vera gel and it feels so nice to put it on after washing my face! I got the idea after I got sunburned at the Ren Faire and I haven't gone back to oils or lotions since! The witch hazel is used as a toner and I've decided to stop using cotton pads entirely so I use the little sponge in the top row. I wet the sponge first, then put the witch hazel on and swipe across my skin, then I rinse the sponge out with warm water (and a little soap occasionally) and let it air dry. I definitely see a difference when I'm not using anything for my face (just water) and when I'm using stuff to take care of my skin: I get spots, my skin tone becomes uneven and I think I get a bit freckly too. Currently, my routine is to wash my face with the cleanser in the morning, then put on aloe vera, and then at night, I use witch hazel and put on aloe vera and go to sleep. Very simple, yet effective.

As for hair, I love the Frizz Be Gone stuff, I wish I had this for use at San Diego Comic Con where it was so humid that my hair was pretty much a giant ball of frizz. It smells nice and it works really well as a smoothing serum. The shampoo and the conditioner is really nice as well, they have some peppermint oil in them so it's really nice and tingly, and it's really helped with dandruff while keeping my hair smooth and shiny. My hair stylist told me that people only need a small amount of shampoo, enough to wash their scalp because shampoo strips the hair of natural oils that it needs, so I've been doing that and using conditioner and my hair has been looking and feeling a lot better. It does mean I go through a lot more conditioner than shampoo but whatevs.

I only use the hand lotion at conventions as an all over body and face lotion and it works well for that. Which leads me to the next picture...

Con Make Up
Top: Revlon eyelash curler. Gray eyebrow pencil, Sephora plum eyeliner, NYX Eyeliner in black

Bottom: Toly Moly lip balm (peach flavored), empty Stila compact, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains in Passion and Gothic, Urban Decay Eye Primer in Eden, Maybelline Mineral Concealer, Stila tinted moisturizer, Lancome powder foundtation, Almay eye shadow stick for brown eyes, Revlon Color Stay Smoky Shadow Sticks in Torch and Flare

Since I've stopped cosplaying, this is the amount of make up I bring to conventions. Mostly I'm concerned with looking professional and polished, not to mention awake and rested since I have to work my table and network with professional contacts all day. The make up has to last all day and into the night, though I may spice up the eye make up a little bit if I'm going out somewhere after the con. I do love a strong lip color though, hence the really strong colors of the lip stains, but I do a simple eye when I use them (light color and eyeliner) so I don't look like some crazy drag queen. To be honest, I haven't used the Revlon shadow sticks yet because I just bought them yesterday, I prefer the sticks at cons because I don't have a lot of time to get ready in the mornings so it's just easy to use the stick on my lids and blend instead of using powders and brushes. Plus, the sticks are small and easy to bring with me. Everything here works really well for what I need and I'm pretty happy with them.

It's hard to keep things natural and chemical free when it comes to make up so I try to buy from companies that don't test on animals and support causes that I like. Revlon doesn't test on animals at all and is the only drug store cosmetic company that's on PETA's approved list. NYX supports various childrens charities as well as drag queens! The Stila products were gifts but Stila's products are formulated locally and their packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

As for the concealer, powder foundation and other stuff, I'm pretty much using them up until I can replace them with one of the companies above. I've had the foundation forever, it was a gift from my mother and I've only just begun to see the bottom of the compact. The Eden primer is the only one I found that doesn't have parabens in the formula (and I need a primer because of my monolids and the fact that my eyes water a bit when I get tired). I'm also trying to find a new eyelash curler because the Revlon one is just too damn big. Oh and the Toly Moly lip balm was a gift and I can't help it, the little peach shape package is so cute and the lip balm smells so damn good >.<

And that's pretty much it. I like most of the products I'm using now, I have a pretty good routine that seem to work well for me and I'm pleased with how I'm looking these days.
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