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Ugh, as soon as I stepped out the door, life went crazy busy! I ended up waiting outside the department chair's room FOR AN HOUR AGAIN. THIS IS RETARDED. And then the dept chair's assistant tried to prevent me from taking the classes I wanted to take except I interjected her telling her that I was GUARENTEED by the department chair that I WOULD GET WHATEVER CLASSES I WANTED BECAUSE I'M SO DAMN CLOSE TO GRADUATION. So take THAT!! *smite!* I found out that one class was full but I could try taking another one so I have to go there tomorrow and ask the teacher to sign my paper, which I think he will because I had him before and he liked me! I ran into Edgar and the two of us went for lunch in IKEA where Jane was bawling on the phone for help XD Jane and I promptly went nuts inside of IKEA while Edgar was rolling his eyes. But he did find a swizzle chair that he liked and kept playing with the height adjusting thingie and spinning in it XD Tard!! I went with him to his apartment to pick up Rei and the three of us headed back to school BUT I DON'T HAVE CLASSES TODAY BECAUSE I'M WAIVING THEM, GLEE!

But yeah, after that, I ended up going to Target and buying random things I needed, then to Michael's, and then to grocery shopping BECAUSE I CAN COOK NOW WOOT! I'm making Hamburg Steak for dinner tonight!! Mmmmmm!!! I'll post the recipe online if it is successful, I'm going to experiment with the sauce when I make it tonight!
This is AWESOME! Dom looks very smug! And that ring is defying all sense of gravity, methinks it was photoshopped in. The trailer is cool though! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD and I can BUY IT! =D

But I am exhausted. I think I will nap. I haven't had a chance to rest properly while all this is going on and I'm losing my chances to try to catch up on rest because THERE'S TOO MUCH TO DO! *tears out hair*


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