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I thought about what I wanted to do with my room last night and I did a little research. Since I watch decorating shows obsessively, have a BA in Illustration, and let's face it, I like making things pretty, I'm pretty confident in how I can redo the tiniest room in this house and make it awesome. Basically, I usually just use that room for sleeping, storage, and reading, I have a seperate work area in the second dining room in my parents' duplex which is nice and big for everything I need to do art and crafts. Also, this room doubles as a guest bedroom whenever I'm not there so I'm not going to make this room overly 'personal' but it'll definetely be in a style that I like.

Mom kind of set up the color scheme already with the furniture, the covers, and the blinds so it's going to be in powder blues and whites, which I like too. It's also a little 'country' with this tiny vanity that she bought and wants to keep in there so I can work around that too. My personal tastes run along the lines of the 'urban art noveau' that's actually really popular right now so I'm slightly 'in style and trendy', but I think can run close to Mom's taste. I already know the layout of the furniture, which is to slant the bed in the corner, take out the dresser, maybe add in a bookshelf and a small chair, and put the vanity against the wall.

The places I've been going to for ideas are... )


Apr. 22nd, 2007 07:16 pm
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I was sitting with growing envy when I read on Lacey's and Alix's journals about how they get to redecorate their flat/bedroom in their style when I came home today and Mom told me that I had places at my design disposal. Within reason, although I apparently have free reign in my old bedroom. Woo hoo!! Too bad buying new furniture would be Illogical, but I can paint the walls, sew curtains, comforters, move the furniture around, etc.

I'm at a loss though, this room is supposed to function as a guest bedroom, as my own bedroom so I don't know what kind of style to do it in. It definetely has to be something both Mom and I could live with, but we're really different when it comes to taste. Mom's more of a 'country modern' type person and I'm... not. I'm pretty ecclectic when it comes to styles.

Anyway, before I can think about decorating, I have to organize all the crud I have in that room. A lot of the stuff that came out were cards and letters that were given to me, I found letters from Rachel, Mandy, Amanda, Anne, etc etc etc, all this stuff from elementary school to high school graduation. xD

And brother has gotten a Wii! *runs off to play with it*


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