May. 8th, 2012

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Stupid comic about my feelings for Bolin. XD Guess my Tumblr is going to the be the place I post these scribbles up? I feel sort of awkward posting anything that's not completely pristine on my blog (they don't have to the finished they should be clean), but I don't feel so badly about posting quick marker scrawls that have been photographed with my iPhone and lightly touched up in Photoshop... so yeah.

Haven't drawn any Quickie Comics in awhile, guess I hadn't found anything to laugh about in the various shows I'm currently watching, so that's points in Bolin's favor! He's quickly becoming my favorite character in Legend of Korra (I must have something for Earthbenders), but the latest episode really made me like him and the rest of the current Team Avatar so much more. Teenagers and romantic entanglements rarely work out well, and even then often take way too many episodes to sort it out (looking at you, Glee), but Team Avatar got through the mess together and came out of it in ONE EPISODE as a tighter, better functioning team. And they managed to squeeze in a couple of heart wrenching moments:

Okay, maybe not heart wrenching but still. XD Anyway, if I haven't said it enough WATCH LEGEND OF KORRA! Pabu demands it of you.

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Found here. Am thinking about making this for Mother's Day since my mother loves coffee flavored things. May not include the milk jelly layer though since she's lactose.

Coffee Jelly Layer :
2tbs Instant coffee
5tbs Sugar
1 and 1/2 cups Water
6g Gelatine powder
2tbs Water

Milk Jelly Layer :
1 cup Milk
1/2 cup Fresh cream
3 tbs Sugar
4g Gelatine powder
1 tbs Water
Vanilla extract
Garnish (optional) :
Crushed roasted coffee beans

How to make Coffee + Milk Jelly

This is definetely jelly for adults :) The bitterness of the coffee and creaminess of the milk is just perfect !
If you want to make it more adult, just add liquor like Frangelico, Brandy, etc to the coffee jelly.

To make the coffee jelly :
Soak the gelatine in 2tbs water, leave aside for few minutes to allow complete absorption.
In a pan, heat up the water and sugar until it just boils.
Add in the coffee, stir to combine then dump in the soaked gelatine.
Stir until the gelatine has completely dissolved.
Let cool a little and pour into cups.
Put into the fridge and allow to set before adding on the milk jelly layer.

To make the milk jelly :
As above, soak the gelatine in the water.
In a pan over low flame, heat the milk, cream and sugar until it starts to bubble on the sides.
Add in the gelatine and a dash of vanilla extract. Stir until the gelatine has completely dissolved.
Cool to room temperature before pouring it over the coffee jelly. (Tip : pour the milk jelly over the back of a spoon to prevent splashes )


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